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Educate Inspire Create (E.I.C) is a unique blend of online and in-class educational programs specializing in an innovative STEM-based curriculum.

We design enriched project-based sessions to encourage young innovators to be creators, promote independence and self-confidence, learn career-focused skills, all while establishing global friendships in a safe environment. 

We have cultivated innovative classes that offer a different perspective designed to create, ignite and inspire young minds.

Through our programs, students develop critical skills including:   

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Logic & Reasoning

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Multiple Simultaneous Attention

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Improve Thinking Practice

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Problem Solving

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Multiple Simultaneous Attention

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Speed of Information Processing

Why Us?

Our trainers provide materials for the program you choose and access to platforms are available for you to refer to at a later stage.

In a world full of distractions and constant consumption, our trainers are dedicated to ignite the spark back in every child's academic journey.

We guarantee that you will excel in our programs, as we have dedicated 1 trainer to every 15 students per session.

We are based in the UK & UAE and are dedicated to providing our clients with flexible learning schedules to suit you where ever you are in the world.

The EIC team has a collective experience of over 45 years in the education field. Graduates from top universities in the UK and USA, and continue to excel in their profession.

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